The ONE Solution for restoration contractors

Get access to all your client, job, and accounting information on ONE seamless platform. Promatic's Filer software is a fully integrated, cloud-based system purpose built for restoration companies to maximize efficiency, and effectiveness. Creating accurate, real-time documents and reports has never been so easy! Filer's user-friendly interface allows you to move quickly and easily between information collected from all sources, syncing data and streamlining critical day-to-day functions. 


Import your existing workflow directly into Filer with just a few clicks. The intuitive interface is simple to learn and easy to use. Seamless transitions between  sections allow for complete integration of information in real time.

Thoroughly Engineered

Promatic only implements best business practices, including extensive field testing with a network of trusted and successful restoration companies throughout the country.


No hidden costs! Just one simple, all-inclusive, monthly fee.


Ready to grow with you

No matter how big or small you are today, Promatic's Filer software includes all current and future technology as a standard. With our ONE solution you will never need another system - regardless of how much your business grows.


Job Management

Control all aspects of your restoration job through one convenient interface.

Time and Materials
  • Verify and report on employee hours in real time
  • Log, track, and differentiate all work performed on each job
  • Report by day or category to manage your profitability, productivity, and efficiency
  • Track labor rates, material markups, defined caps, and maximum labor hours
Document Management
  • Create, label, store, and organize all your documents for easy shared access from anywhere at any time
  • Upload photos via any mobile device right from the job site
  • Create your own mobile-ready forms for e-signatures
Reserve and Expense Management
  • Accurately monitor claim reserves, tracking which expenses have been paid out and which are upcoming
Emergency Response Protocol
  • Know your client's plans before disaster strikes ensuring YOU get the first call
  • Secure access for you and your client with flawless communication
  • Get a response 24/7/365 from trained local professionals
  • Retrieve all site information and response protocols from any mobile device
  • Access detailed reports for all properties
  • Collect information even when there's no cell service
  • Produce blended reports from all sources (accounting, sales, marketing, etc.) using customized search criteria
  • Keep tabs on how your locations and employees are performing daily - no more waiting for key financial reports
  • Track employee performance during WIP and manage monthly billings to help you spot downward trends and prevent future losses
Task Management
  • Organize activities and projects into a series of tasks, adding critical compliance alerts
  • Coordinate your schedule, calendar, appointments, and assignments
Sales Force Routing
  • Know in advance which clients your sales force needs to see and when
  • Track which clients have been visited and for how long
  • Optimize your staff's time with detailed routing maps showing the most efficient route between clients
Equipment Management and Tracking
  • Track the location of every piece of equipment in real time with TechLoc Trackers - no data entry required
  • Maximize your billing with integrated reports showing how long your equipment was on each job
Human Resource Tracking
  • Use TechLoc tracking for mobile employees - no need to sign in and out, the app does it for you!
  • Eliminate timekeeping mistakes from data entry errors, under/over-reporting, and loss of time sheets
  • Track employee performance and identify outstanding tasks
  • Generate to-the-minute billing reports that are fully integrated with payroll for effective job costing
ACT Elite Commercial Network
  • Join our network of commercial restoration experts
  • Receive a dynamic, customized commercial marketing and sales program
  • Access thousands of local, regional, and national clients

Customer Relations Management

Strengthen your customer relationships

Store and manage all client details in one place. Track accounts, potential leads, and sales opportunities, giving your salesforce the information they need to build relationships and sales.

Work smarter, not harder

With up to date information shared amongst all users, Filer's cloud-based technology helps you increase leads and close more deals. 



Consolidate your account information

Use Filer's built in accounting system or link to your existing Quickbooks set up. Because it's web-based, you can manage your accounts from any device at the office or in the field. Built in invoice templates make billing quick and easy.

See everything in one place

Run your accounting functions alongside all other aspects of your business. Filer's streamlined views allow you to manage your jobs with a bird's eye view of all activity. Transparent protocols ensure complete accountability.

Software invested in getting REAL results