TechLoc WorkTracker


Mitigate water and flood damage

Handling a flood or water damage claim? Use Promatic's TechLoc WorkTracker to quickly dispatch the job to an available technician. The companion mobile app allows restoration professionals to efficiently document all on-site data and calculate the appropriate remediation equipment required based on IICRC S500 standards.


Streamline communication

  • Keep your client updated with live GPS tracking of your contractor's progress to the job site
  • Sync all information amongst multiple people working on the same job
  • Integrate data into the Filer ONE Solution system


Capture and upload data, photos, and video on-site.


Add detailed job and material notes verbally and by text.


Calculate equipment requirements based on IICRC S500 standards.


Unlimited customizable forms for mobile signatures.

Additional add on modules allow for automated equipment billing through TechLoc Trackers