• BackgroundLaptop Software invested in getting "Real Results"
  • BackgroundLister Contents listing solution. Quicker than pen and paper. Photos are attached to each item and transferred instantly to the cloud.
  • BackgroundGlasses Full General Ledger, Costing, Budget, Payroll, AR, and AP accounting solution.
  • BackgroundTrees Online document management system and complete electronic file system all in one.



Save Money - Enhance Profits
Minimize loss, theft and the costly replacement of assets

Easy to Use
No complicated or expensive barcode or RFID equipment
No Human input required - Let TechLoc's app do the work
All that is necessary is a TechLoc Tracker and any
Smartphone. Eliminate cumbersome systems that have too many moving parts

Effortless and Accurate Timesheet Production
Your staff starts the app on their smartphone each morning and the system does the rest! TechLoc provides precise and accurate arrival and departure times to the office and to every job for every employee, all exportable to payroll and billing platforms

How It Works
Your staff just turns on their TechLoc app each morning and you get:
1) Your assets tracked
2) Your people tracked
3) Your staff are alerted as they are leaving a site if an asset was left behind
4) Produces staff Time cards for payroll
5) Produces detailed defendable contact time spent on site and equipment used on the job for Billing purposes

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D-ERP Emergency Response Protocol


Sales/Marketing Software to growing your commercial revenue and profits.

D-ERP is a proven, dynamic software and sales/marketing system that combines the latest technology with good old-fashioned customer relationships tied together by a step by step “How to” guide.

Become self-sufficient by creating a local commercial network that will feed you business and profits far into the future.

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LISTER for Contents


List contents using your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is quicker than pen and paper, and multiple photos attach to each item fully documenting their condition.

The listings instantly transfer to the Cloud for easy, anytime, anywhere access and safe storage on our secured website.

No more delays while staff enters the hand written list into the computer, then having to sort through hundreds of pictures to find the picture that matches the item!

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The ONE Solution


The ONE Solution is a fully integrated, cloud based, intelligent software platform, built specifically for restoration companies to maximize profits, efficiencies, and effectiveness.

Promatic only implements best business practices including thoroughly field testing its software with a network of trusted successful restoration companies throughout the country.

Make an immediate impact by streamlining all critical day to day functions and synchronizing all the powerful features of Promatic Software.

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Purposefully engineered and designed by the most experienced and knowledgeable restoration software team in the industry.